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About Us


The vision of JD International Design School is to create a world class school that will provide students with an international forum to explore various creative synergies in the field of art and design. The school differentiates itself by offering high-quality academic programs through close student-mentor engagement, research and creative programs, project based learning, state of the art technology and delivery facilities, and an internationalization of the curriculum.


Our institute will be a centre of formal and informal dialogue between various interrelated creative disciplines, industries, diverse cultures, and even individuals, where they will be empowered to collaboratively create a unique and highly creative experience for our students, employees and even the local, regional and international community.


JD International Design School encourages its students, faculty members and staff to embrace a culture of lifelong creativity and innovative learning, develop critical and solution based thought process, acquire progressive career skills, and become responsive to the dynamics and the changing realities of the industry and the global community.


Enhanced by the expertise of our multidisciplinary teaching and non-teaching employees, we will subject our students to innovative and intensive courses, modeled to integrate theory with practice. We aim to equip our student community with effective tools to attain intellectual leadership and creative freedom in their academics and professional lives. Our mission is to create an academically and culturally diverse student population, productive regional and global citizens in the world of art and design, who are well aware of their innate individual talents, creativity and power of imagination.

We strive to be the best and make awesome work.


JD International Design School, a division of JD Educational Trust, is an institute of fashion in Bangalore, India. Consistent with our school’s mission, our vision is to create a world class international institute that achieves outstanding student learning outcomes by invigorating creative excellence in the field of fashion and design education.


For more than twenty five years, the JD Educational Trust has been operating in the field of education in the multi-disciplines of fashion, design and management. The sister school, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has a strong legacy of design programs and a culture of critical analysis that has constantly delivered a number of successful fashion entrepreneurs and design professionals employed by marquee-name labels and organizations around the globe. The school has established itself as a cradle of global fashion talent, boasting an acclaimed list of alumni.


JD International Design School is a new leap into that direction, one that will bring together a culture of international learning, cutting edge techniques and diverse platforms to showcase one’s creativity. The school will take account of present and future opportunities, challenges, changing dynamics and demand of the global market. Access to industry experts and professional networking coupled with the importance on cultivating individual signature styles, facilitates students to achieve their personal vision and creative confidence. The institute will periodically review its mission, vision, academics and student developmental activities and ensure that the required modifications are implemented in light of internal and external changes.


With a strong industry network and an expert advisory board, the academics at the JD International Design School will be in sync with the ever-changing global standards in the field of art and design education. Our students will explore and address the challenges of the global fashion market through innovative approaches, creative thought processes, research and critical analysis development activities.


Our student centric approach allows us to monitor an individual’s progress through benchmarking, assessment and a 360-degree feedback process. We understand the importance of one’s individuality in a creative process. JD International Design School encourages and appreciates an individual’s unique talent and vision and will constantly aim towards creating a learning environment where each student is engaged in a process of intellectual growth, creative discovery and design centric introspection.


We have a strong academic partnership with our existing international partners, where we cooperate on academic programs, conduct joint research projects, and also exchange and implement best practices. This enhances student learning experiences and makes them ready to face the complex challenges of the global art and design market.


We take extreme care in recruiting our faculty members. The school has a strong and competent academic leadership in the field of art and design studies. We have the finest community of full time and visiting faculty members, who bring along years of international and domestic experience in the field of art and design, and are professionally engaged either as academicians or are working in the fashion industry in various influential roles. Our foreign faculty members bring in an international and culture specific perspective to the core academic subjects.


Our technology integrated academic delivery model, combined with intellectual abilities will focus on a holistic approach of creating tomorrow’s finest design professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs.

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